Friday, November 20, 2009

Long time no see

I will be back soon! And hopefully I'll be here more often ;)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New friend

I got a new pair of pants for Mila from my new penpal in Denmark.
They are my absolute favorite pants for my daughter of all time! Not only are they purple (yea yea yea, purple is my favorite color!) but they got butterflies and grass on too. They are SO lovely, that I just had to share it with you!
Check 'em out!

My friend's name is Mette and she is a MASTER with a sewing machine :D
Here is her website, if you want to see what else she can make

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Child labouring...

I'm starting to think child labouring isnt so bad after all....
Nah, I'm just kidding, but my dear boy have been so helpfull with "cleaning" the last couple times, that I'm thinking giving him a job!!
Paid with crackers or something like that :D

He likes to vacuum

He likes to wash the floor (and mama wipe up after, so the kids - and mama - wont fall flat out on the wet and slippery floor).

And he really enjoys helping with taking the dry clothes inside from the balcony and put up new wet clothes to dry.

Let's be honest - it is most certainly NOT from his mother that he enjoys doing these house chores :P

regarding bamboo

In one of my previous posts I wrote a recipe for fried bamboo.

2 times I've tried making it. 2 times I've burned the damned thing. The bamboo slices. Not enough water?? hmmm...

I'm beginning to actually crave for that bamboo dish my husband makes so well!!!
And bamboo is not that cheap, so it's not something I want to keep buying and trying to make. All though, practise makes perfect or something like that??

bamboo, bamboo...

Happy birthday to me

Being away from my friends and family for the 4th time in a row on my birthday is actually not a "great" feeling anymore.
The danes just know how to celebrate birthdays. Or at least giving one good attention on that special day.

I recieved many birthday wishes on facebook, my email, cellphone and on msn chat, which really warmed my heart. But I'm thinking I wanna spend the next one in Denmark ;) I had a little home-sickness that day (too)...besides, I wanna have the real treat again! :P

Husband forgot all about it, but he's in luck to have a lovely younger sister (gugu, chen li min), who went out for dinner with me, the kids and her husband, Antony. We went to Swenson's close to Songshan (Taipei city) airport. I had a mexican burger and it was HUGE and yummy (I choose Gourmet Pizzeria anytime, but that's another story). Victor had something that came up again, but he kept his cool and happy mood :D

(Here is eat eating a bone-left over from Antony's dish. Yum!)

Mila went crazy for some saurkraut and had a blast standing next to gugu (auntie chen li min) the whole evening!
It was a nice evening and I'm really happy to have Chen li Min so close to me (litterely. She lives just around the corner!). She helps me with SO many things, so, THANK YOU Leona for also celebrating my b-day this year!

I'm NOT taiwanese.....

Ok. So...Hub is in China doing his business, and meanwhile I've the luxury of having the keys to the car and can take it out when ever and to where ever I want.
And I have and do. Earlier this week I went to Taipei city to the fabric market for a little fabric shopping and driving back my little girl still didn't sleep (almost 2 pm), so I decided to hit the supermarket (Wellcome) for some grocery shopping.
Parked the car and went in. Mila still in a very good mood.

While inside I heard a car-alarm and for a minute I thought "hmm...could this be my car?". Got distracted by Mila beggin for a little treat (so I opened a package of crackers, that I paid for later of course). Found a few more things and then went to the counter to pay for our goodies and out to put it all in the car to drive home.


GONE!!!! The car is gone!!!

F. U. &. K (yea, you KNOW what it says!)

I did get nervous for a second or two, because NOW I knew, it WAS my car with the alarm going off and if I had been more quick on my feet, I would have been able to see what happened.
I went back to Wellcome and talked to a manager with those few words I know. Simple words like "husband in China" and "no more car", "no more cell-phone"... I guess he did understand, because he kind to lend me his cell-phone (which was a funny looking little one, by the way. It seriously looked like a toy! Remember those cell-phones from the 80's?!
It was a total copy but WAY smaller - I could barely hold it in my hand).

So I called hub (only number I've memorized)....He laughed - "ai yo, honey, you have parked right out side the store, right"
Uhm...YES...that's what YOU do all the time and you always get away with it..!?
Well, husband explained there would be a number on the street to call and ask where it had been taken to. If there wasn't a number written it proberly meant it was stolen, which was why I got a little nervous to begin with. The thought of losing my stuff.... But there it was. A nice number written with white chalk.
So the manager wrote the number down for me and I walked home. With Mila on my arm, still happy and in good mood.
Despite having our car removed (due to illigal parking, yes yes I get that) along with my house-keys, cell-phone, all the new fabrics I bought which people might think it's a unlucky situation to be in, I was actually very lucky that day:
My downstairs neighbor with his granddaughter was at Wellcome too, so he helped me home with my two big bags of grocery! THANK YOU...6th floor neighbor!
I could have left it or taking a cab, but we live fairly close to Wellcome, so I didn't mind walking with him home. He also had the keys to the elevator, other wise it might have been a long walk to 10th floor ;)
Luckly (see, again, luck) I had forgot to lock the door to our apartment that day, so I was able to get in - with my groceries and still a happy Mila - and call my sister in law, who then gave me directions to where the car was at.
Luckly (3rd time!) I didn't have to show drivers license to get the car back. Just my ID and car license. Oh, and 2.100 twd = 62 USD = 350 DKR.

See, the thing is...I do have a driver's license. It's just not changed into a taiwanese yet. Yet. But this is a reminder for me to get THAT done too! Quick!
On my way back (5 min. drive from our building) Mila finally fell asleep.

The point with this story is: I'm not taiwanese, I can't get away with parking illigal. Even if I use the warning signal (to indicate I'll be right back!?).....
I will never do that again (I hope!).

To be fair, there actually USED to be a parking space right where I parked it..........

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

White thingy is for eating?

(Wow - already 3 months have passed and I'm so behind on keeping this blog going. Sorry for that!)

One of my absolute favorite dished my husband can make is fried bamboo shots in LOTS of chili/chilipaste. It's SO yummy that even it's morning while writing this, I feel like eating it now!
I took this picture a while back of our dinner:
We had tomato/eggs, bamboo with meat, some green vegetables with carrots and then some cooked tofu - oh..and rice ;)

You can see in my previous post how the bamboo dish look like finished.

Directions to cook bamboo:
peel it and cut the bamboo meat into little pieces and then boil in water (should be covered) for about 25 min under lid. Check when time is almost up to see how much water have absorbed (should be almost half, you dont want it to burn if there's no water left).
Then you rinse the bamboo in new water and let it drip off before frying it in your wok. For that you need oil, garlic, spring onion and lots of chili/chilipaste. You can add all sorts of things, I really like it when hub add little tiny chickenmeat pieces. If you don't like it so spicy you just add the amount of chili you usually use ;)
We like it HOT!!!

Happy munchies!